How to Build a Solar Tracker

Build A DIY Solar Tracker - Plans Available

In 2017 I installed 4 - 100 watt solar panels on the roof of my cabin, hooked up all the electronics, batteries, etc. It works good but the system can be made much better. Mounting solar panels in a fixed position on a roof has a couple big drawbacks.

1) In the winter it’s difficult or impossible to get the snow and ice off the solar panels which makes them useless until it melts off.

2) In a fixed position you can’t maximize the angle of the solar panels in relation to the sun.

This means that the panels must be angled towards the sun for each season, AND throughout the day as the sun rises and sets to get the maximum input from the sun.

I found this video showing how to make a double axis solar tracker using common building materials and techniques. My plan is to make several and have a ground mounted system at my new home. The claim is an increase in solar output of up to 25%.  In my case I’m expecting an even greater improvement. The plans can be downloaded for under $4 and it looks like a fun project.

Download the Plans here:

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