Cattails for Survival Food

 Cattails for survival food

Cattails are said to be the Wal-Mart of the woods. They are one of the best wild food sources available and it’s said that if a lost person finds cattails they have everything they need to survive – fuel, water, food, and shelter material.

No green plant produces more edible starch per acre than cattails. They produce 6,475 pounds of flour per year on average on just one acre, beating potatoes and rice in this aspect.

No other plant, in their mature stage, look like cattails and they are easy to identify.

However, younger plants look much like three different toxic plants so always look for last year’s brown flower tails to confirm that you really have found young cattails.

Their dried spikes make great torches and overall they are some of the best tinder you can find. Indians used them as insulation and padding for their mattresses, for hemp, stuffing, diapers, and even for menstruation. If you have cattails then you also have water near by.

I plan to read up a lot more on the uses for cattails for food as well as other uses.

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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