How To Make Acorn Coffee

How to Make Acorn Coffee

In this video Lilly shows how to make acorn coffee which makes a good wilderness beverage; acorn coffee. Acorns are great survival foods since they contain a lot of nutrition.

Collect a bunch of acorns, crack open the shell and get the nut out. Slice the acorn meat into thin slices. Boil the acorns about 10  to 15 minutes, drain the water and boil again. Repeat this process 5 times. This will remove the tannin which makes the acorn bitter to eat if not boiled in this manner. 

At this point you could eat the acorns. But to make coffee we want to roast the acorns in a pan until they're dark. Don't let them burn. Again, the acorns are edible after roasting.

To make acorn coffee; mash up the acorns, warm or boil water and add the roasted acorns. With some imagination it may taste like coffee. 

Credit to Survival Lilly. She's got a lot of great survival videos worth checking out.

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