How to use a Kill A Watt and Save Money on your Electric Bill

How to Use and Save Money with a Kill-A-Watt

The Kill A Watt meter is a great little device to determine how much electricity a certain device is using. The meter won’t save you money by itself but it will tell you what devices may be costing you more than you realize causing you to take action.

I’ve got one and have used it all around the home. Specific changes I’ve made are;

  1. I put my entertainment center (TV & DVD player) onto one power strip which I leave turned off most of the time. I rarely watch TV so why burn power. Remember, anything with a remote control will be consuming power all the time even though it is low consumption.

  2. I put my WIFI router on a timer. There’s no need to run WIFI all night long. For one it’s using electricity and for another it’s bombarding the home with EMF/EMR (radio waves) 24/7. There’s a lot of research that says that EMF and EMR isn’t good and has cumulative health effects. See some of my other posts.

  3. I put my cell phone charger on a timer. All those little chargers consume a small amount of power even if there’s nothing plugged in. Also my cell phone charges in about an hour so there’s no need to have it charging all night. They say it’s not good to leave a cell phone plugged in past a full charge anyway.

  4. The coffee maker has a burner on it. Once I make my coffee I then put it in a Thermos. It stays plenty hot and I’m not wasting electrical power.

  5. All light bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs to save about 75% on lighting costs. I also minimize the use of lighting and use a flashlight when possible.

  6. I rarely use the microwave oven. Besides consuming 1000 watts of power when in use, I don’t think the food tastes as good as compared to a conventional oven. Microwave ovens are so quick and efficient because they channel heat energy directly to the molecules (tiny particles) inside food. Microwaves heat food like the sun heats your face—by radiation. A microwave is much like the electromagnetic waves that zap through the air from TV and radio transmitters. Is this healthy? Some say it isn’t healthy and actually changes the food molecules or zaps the nutrients out of the food. Of course if you cook with an electric oven or gas for that matter, it’s probably a trade-off on the energy savings and may cost even more to use a conventional oven for cooking.

  7. Computers and printers are turned off when not in use.

  8. An odd thing that I found by using the Kill-A-Watt meter was that I tested a fan that I'm using to circulate warm air from the wood stove. I uses less than 100 watts which is fine but the odd thing that I found was that even when it is turned off it still draws 1/2 watt. I realize that isn't much but why pay for anything that's not in use so I unplug it whenever it's not being used.

  9. The refrigerator is likely to be your most expensive appliance to run. Obviously you can't turn that on and off as needed but if you have an old fridge it's probably not too energy efficient. Shop for the most efficient model. 

  10. I shut off my electric water heater if I plan to be away from the home for more than a day. There's no need to heat water if it won't be used anytime soon and it will heat up fast when you will be needing hot water. 

Any other ideas some of you might have are welcome. I hope my tips help you and our earth.

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