The Ultimate Medical Survival Bag

The Ultimate Medical Survival Bag

Ask yourself this; Do I have the supplies AND the skills to handle a medical emergency?  I’m betting that most people have very little in the way of a first aid kit. Most of the medical kits you’ll find in stores just don’t have much in them and can only handle minor medical problems.

Last year an experienced Army medic helped me put together a trauma medical bag. It’s got a lot in it but I plan to continue adding to it. I came across the one in the link below and it looks like a great medical survival bag, the best I’ve seen. It’s expensive, too expensive for many, but the great thing is if you look at the list of items; you could start putting your own medical bag together over time. This bag also comes with a copy The Survival Medicine Handbook", a #1 Amazon Best Seller which will give you the knowledge needed to use the items in this bag.

I plan to order the book and use the list of items to complete my medical bag.

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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