The Ultimate Survival Generator - Honda EU2200i Tri-Fuel

Propane Honda Eu2200i Generator Hutch Mountain Trifuel

People think they need to go big on a generator. Not me. Sure, it's nice to have a big generator to power the whole house but in an extended power outage you'll go through a LOT of gasoline, or diesel, or propane. 

My plan is to go efficient, be portable, have multiple fuel options, and lessen my consumption of grid energy. The Honda EU2200i with the Hutch Mountain TriFuel conversion kit is the way I'm going. 

This small generator will run about 8 hours on one gallon of gasoline. It produces about 2200 surge watts, 1800 watts continuous. I can run most anything I own with that. It's only 120V so 240V appliances won't work without the Companion generator and a hook-up (another $1200). My new home won't have any 220V appliances so I'm good but that's a consideration for many.

The great thing too is that this generator with the conversion kit gives you more options for fuel. Ethanol gasoline has a shelf life that isn't very long and isn't good for small engines to start with. RV gas has a longer shelf life yet still goes bad over time. Propane has an indefinite shelf life, burns much cleaner, is still portable, and it gives you another option for fuel when supplies get tight.

The only downsides I see to this option are:

1) Cost. This little generator costs about $1000. Pricey for a generator this small but it's a Honda.

2) Limited output at 2200 Watts. Some of us burn a whole lot more than that.It is possible to learn to live with less consumption though.

3) 120V output only. Electrical appliances like an electric water heater, electric stove, etc., won't work. I plan accordingly and have backups to get around that.

Otherwise I think this generator with the tri-fuel conversion kit makes this a must-have generator for a survival situation. 

My Honda EU2200iI believe in what I write about in my blogs. This is my Honda EU2200i with the Hutch Mountain Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit.  It took about an hour to install...gathering tools, reading directions, etc. The actual installation was fast and easy. 

⭐ See the Hutch Mountain Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit here:
See the Honda EU22001 Generator/Inverter here;

Credit to Hutch Mountain for the video.  

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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