Why an Alaskan Sawmill and What Is It?

 Alaskan Sawmill Setup

I don’t consider a sawmill to be a survival item except that it can make good use of the trees that blow over and can save you money on buying store-bought lumber. Part of survival is conserving cash and making good use of raw materials. 

I’ve always wanted a sawmill but couldn’t justify the expense of a large sawmill that can run $2000 and up from there so I started looking at the Alaskan sawmill by Granberg that uses a chainsaw. They cost around $200 so I went for it.  

Alaskan Sawmill without winchI already had a fairly large Stihl MS361C chainsaw and bought a 30” bar and chain to use with the mill.

First Cut JigI made a rail guide out of 2x4’s that is used to make the first cut. It works great and I’ve cut some really nice slabs of wood that I plan to make things out of for new house I’m building.  

Sawmill With WinchAfter the first cut I realized that pushing the sawmill through a log is a fair amount of work so after watching a few YouTube videos; I added a winch & pulley rig to the mill allows me to crank the mill through the log instead of pushing it and it is a breeze to use now and I recommend anyone using the Alaskan Sawmill to do the same.

SlabsI can cut any thickness of board I need and the wood I’ve been cutting so far is maple which has a beautiful grain in it, pictured. I’ve also got some large oak, beech, and cedar logs that I have staged to mill. My plan is to make the stair treads, bench seats, maybe a table, and other lumber. It’s a bit of work but it gets me outside, keeps me busy, and I’m making good use of the trees that blow over. I get plenty of blow-down’s here on the island and haven’t had to cut a live tree down in years. Most of the logs pictured below were originally cut for firewood but I’ll be making lumber out of the good ones.

I also save some of the sawdust and bag it up for use in the winter for traction on the ice. It's better than using salt and it's free.

I give a thumbs up to the Alaskan sawmill. See it here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GSUnjI

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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