8 KNOTS You Should Know

8 best knots to know8 best knots for camping, survival, climbing, hiking, and just everyday life. How to tie these basic knots and when to use them.

If you're like I was...I knew how to tie a few simple knots. Watching this video and practicing had gained me the knowledge to now tie some very handy knots.

My favorite knots now are the bowline and the truckers hitch. Practice these over and over and you'll be thankful you know how to tie a really good knot.

These are the 8 knots you need to know.

1) Chain Sinnet (AKA Daisy Chain or Monkey Chain)
2) Farrimond Friction Hitch
3) Trucker's Hitch
4) Constrictor Knot
5) Cow Hitch
6) Half Hitch7) Fisherman's Bend
8) Water Knot


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