Being a Survivalist is Mostly About Learning Skills

Learn Skills as a Survivalist

Many people think of a survivalist or prepper as someone who stocks up on guns, food, and supplies.  In reality we’re all just trying to survive the daily challenges life throws our way. Part of the survival challenge is being able to do most things yourself whenever possible and having the tools and skills to do so.

We’re very fortunate these days to have a wealth of resources at our disposal called the internet. In the “old days” when I was growing up it wasn’t easy to get answers. Today almost anything you want to know about can be found on Google or a video on YouTube. Just type in “how to….” or “how does a …. work” and you’ll most likely find your answer.

Just this week I was able to fix an elevator that wasn’t working properly. I looked at it first, tried to figure it out, and made things worse. I called a few elevator companies and could only find one company that would come out in a few weeks. After some research I found the information I needed on Google and a video explaining the adjustments on YouTube. I was able to fix the elevator which is now working better than ever...for free :) That’s just one example, I use the internet regularly to learn how to fix things or learn a new skill.

Another project that I tackled was to build an AR-15 from parts. I bought the lower receiver and a kit online. When it came there wasn’t instructions and there were a whole bunch of little parts and springs and at first I thought it might be beyond my level. I searched YouTube for a video on how to build an AR-15, found several, watched the first one and followed the instructions. Within 3 hours I had a fully built and functioning rifle. I am proud to say “I built this”.

Without skills you’re at the mercy of a repairman. Everyone should know their limits but you’d be surprised at what you can learn to do by taking some time to research it on the internet. In some situations you really don’t have much of a choice but to repair something yourself or throw it away. My advice is to have at a minimum a good set of tools and don’t be afraid to try.

Other great skills to have are; gardening, identifying medicinal plants and knowing what to do with them, basic medical skills, fire building, finding and purifying water, and the list goes on. Stay tuned for more on all of the above for specifics on what I do.

I know that many of you reading this might already know what I’m saying, it’s nothing earth shattering. Many of you are capable of fixing things yourself. This post is really for those of you that “think they can’t” do this or that or don’t understand how something works. What I’m saying is that you’ll be surprised if you do a bit of searching on the internet and try.

My AR15 BuildHere's a picture of the AR-15 I built from parts. If you tackle this project you’ll not only save money over a store bought AR but you’ll have the satisfaction of building it yourself and know how it works, how to take it apart, etc. Mine is very accurate.

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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