How to Get a Tire Back on a Rim with Starting Fluid

How to get a tire back on the rim with starting fluid

Getting a tire fixed here on the island isn’t too convenient since I can’t just drive to the tire store and I’ve had several occasions where my tire has come away from the rim.  Here are a couple tips for fixing it yourself;

**  Spray starting fluid into the tire then toss a’s back on the rim. Be sure to wear safety glasses, wear gloves, long sleeve shirt, and have a fire extinguisher handy.  Once the tire pops back on the rim just fill it with air.

**  Another method that I’ve used a couple times is to wrap a large ratchet strap around the tire and bind it down which will compress the tire and push the sides of the tire close to the rim. Start to add air to the tire but be very careful not to add too much air since the pressure on the ratchet strap will be intense. You may even need to let some air out of the tire just to get the ratchet strap to release. Again, use eye protection, wear gloves, and keep your head and body out of the way just in case the strap breaks. That happened to me once and it could have been a real bad situation if it hit me.

A couple more survival items include:

**  Tire patch kit.

**  An air compressor. I have a large one and a smaller 12 volt model I carry in my truck.

**  Fix-A-Flat.  BBI is tough on tires and I’ve used Fix-a-Flat many times when I couldn’t patch a leaky tire. It’s a great item to carry in your car and can really get you out of a jam since it will usually patch the leak and inflate the tire.

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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