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Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill

I hardly ever watch TV. Mostly because I just can’t stand most of the shows and especially not the commercials. Most of my leisure time is spent searching for useful YT videos to learn all I can.  My goal here on this blog is to pass along some great tips I come across so the rest of you can benefit.

In this video there’s a wonderful older gentleman that has taken the time to educate people on a basic level on how to understand what’s using electricity in your home and how to reduce your monthly electric bill. These are the kinds of people that I like listening to, he’s just a good hearted soul.

A great tool to help you really see what is using electricity in your home is the Kill-A-Watt meter. You can learn more about this meter in my blog How to use a Kill A Watt and Save Money on your Electric Bill

I also get a kick out of reading the comments people leave. You can get a pretty good idea of where society is going by reading the comments and looking at the thumb’s up or down. If you’ve read this far...look for my comment on his video and you’ll see what I mean.

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