Should You Be Raising Chickens?

Makeshift Chicken Coup

Last year my friend Jeri brought up seven chickens to the island for the winter. It worked out great! Jeri made a make a makeshift chicken coop, brought straw and food. At first the chickens were a bit shocked with the move and their new surroundings but after a week they started laying eggs. We had plenty of fresh eggs, more than enough and gave many away.

Chickens in their RoostIn a survival situation they’d be a great source of protein, both the eggs and the chicken meat. I will say that it was a trade-off cost wise, and I’m talking about the chicken feed. At the price of eggs from a grocery store versus the cost of the chicken feed; it’s about a break even. Chickens are a bit of work too, not much though. We didn’t have any problems with predators getting the chickens and they’re pretty hardy birds even in the cold temperatures.

Chicken EggsI learned a little bit about chickens and would raise them again if even just for fun and to learn more and be more self-sufficient. One thing I never knew; Chickens are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have and they just keep coming out until they’re gone. I’ve heard that the female human is the same. Maybe someone can chime in on that.

 Be Prepared - Be Grateful

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