Slip & Fall Prevention

Slip & Fall Prevention - Free Sawdust

I know several people that have slipped on the ice and hurt themselves badly. My brother-in-law had a severely broken leg when he slipped on his front porch, two different neighbors fell on the ice and hurt their shoulder real bad and still have problems. I’m sure you’ve heard similar stories.

Being a survivalist for some people is a hobby. Living alone here on an island...being a survivalist is a daily must. When many picture a survivalist they think of a guy with a stash of guns and food. It’s much more than that when you live it. I could be hurt here and nobody would know so staying out of harm’s way is part of my daily survival plan.

Last year on BBI we had at least 3 months where everywhere you went it was a sheet of ice. It was treacherous. I slipped on the ice and fell several times and so did my friend Jeri. It’s funny as heck when nobody’s hurt and we had a lot of laughs. One time Jeri had a hunting knife in his hand when he fell and had it pointed straight at his face but missed thankfully. A bad fall can ruin your day or even kill you. There are a LOT of head injuries from falls on the ice.

A couple of tips to keep you safe:

  1. At the very least...take baby steps when walking on ice.

  2. Get yourself a pair of slip-on Ice Grippers. These are great and give you a ton of traction. Some ice grippers have springs for traction, others have carbide tipped grippers. I like the carbide tipped kind and wore mine a lot last year.

  3. For the sidewalk, driveway, and other commonly walked areas that are covered with ice; Use Ice Melt or sawdust. I prefer to use sawdust. Sprinkle it on top of the ice and it stays there. It doesn’t kill the grass like salt does and it’s free!  Visit one of the sawmills here on the island or anyplace that does woodwork and they’ll gladly give you some. Carry a bag or box of sawdust in your car/truck for if you need additional traction or to help out someone else. It doesn’t track into the house hardly at all.

As of today; the roads on BBI are a total glare of ice and are super slippery. I almost hit a reflector pole going around the airport and I was going slow when my truck decided to go sideways. Walking the dog I almost fell three times. Time to get out the ice-grippers!  Go slow and stay safe.

Hope this helps prevent an injury.

Be Prepared - Be Grateful

Ice Grippers

Ice Grippers

Sawdust on an icy spot.

Sawdust on an ice spot

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